Essential Apple Podcast 52: Blood, Sweat, Tears, VPNs and Subscriptions

Recorded 13th August 2017
After my Sunday out with friends last week it’s Mark’s turn to be otherwise engaged with his social life. That means it’s down to me to keep the show on the road. So that you don’t all have to just listen to me I’m joined by Scott Willsey previously of the Pocket Sized Podcast and now co-host on Don’t Nihongo It Alone to discuss this week’s Apple and Tech related news.

Essential Apple Podcast 50: Suicidal Robots?

No guests this week, and not a lot of Apple news, but we still manage to find a slew of weird, wonderful, interesting or crazy stories to shake a stick at... ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. Plus Simon “goes off on one” about how hard it was to just play some music files on his iPhone like we all used to do on our iPods... and why he banished the iOS Music app to the darkest recesses of the “Rarely Used” folder on the furthest screen of his iPhone.

Essential Apple Podcast 49: Snaggy, Nitrozac and the Joy of Tech!

Simon installed the High Sierra Beta and it bit him back! After a fair amount of sweat, swearing and effort though he thinks it may all have been for the best in the end. This week are joined by “internet royalty” Snaggy and Nitrozac of the revered Joy of Tech web comic and, well, hilarity ensued! Slippers, iPhone Propeller Beanies, virtual carpets and more...

Essential Apple Podcast 48: Hey Garlic Head, it’s Keith R (Longshot) Baker!!!

Simon installed the High Sierra Beta and it bit him back! He wanted to tell us all about it but we were having such a blast talking to Keith R Baker author of the Longshot series of historical fiction novels set in the American Civil War and his Technical Advisor/Cover Artist Monica Haynes about - well, everything, that we never even got around to that! Have a listen and welcome to the madness!

The GLIF – First Impressions

A good few years ago, I backed my first Kickstarter project. It was the first version of the Glif for the iPhone 4 and was a neat wee device but, I have to admit, very rarely used. The latest incarnation of the Glif is a much improved product as any mobile phone can be used, with or without a case, and that makes it a really useful.

Essential Apple Podcast 47: Guests Galore!

Yes! Proving that we are actually a “proper grown up podcast” Simon hosts, not one, not two, but THREE guests as @Spligosh and @Dougee join him to wander through the week's tech tomfoolery and his daughter Ruth drops in to comment on the Snapchat Maps furore…

Essential Apple Podcast 44: Not Much WWDC - Honest!

Recorded on a week when there had been two recent terror attacks on Britain... Our thoughts were with those affected. Yes, yes yes, we were late publishing this...(even more so than usual) so it was all over and done by the time this got posted – even if we did record it the day before. Anyway we tried to stay away from the WWDC and certainly all the rumours for the most part... so it won’t all be out of date!

Apple solves soggy crust world crisis!

Simon followed through… with dropping one of the tech giants and gives us an update on living an “alternative” lifestyle. Mark discovers Amazon Prime Reading and we talk how to use the internet without the eyes of the Government’s “snooper’s charter” bearing down on you.

Essential Apple Podcast 41: New Possible Income Revenues For Apple

In a week when 'Uncle Tim' talked to Jim Cramer of Mad Money and the Apple Earnings Call showed they're “doing OK”, the UK's Government's secret plans to spy on its own citizens even more got leaked and Microsoft released a strangely schizophrenic Windows 10S platform aimed at low end hardware to combat the Chromebooks teamed with a premium Surface Laptop priced at $999, we take our usual “seamless” wander around the highways and byways of Apple and tech related news while guest Guy Serle from the MyMac Show does his best to derail the proceedings...

Essential Apple Podcast 39: The Mac Pro! It Lives!

An extra long show as a surprise guest drops by. We talk about Mark’s unfortunate week. Apple and their remarkable and unprecedented revealing of future product plans. Apple/Microsoft/Android “market share/user base”, the Samsung Dex Dock and, well, anything else that catches our attention deficit disordered minds!