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Math Love Free. Test Your Brain & Learn Maths on iOS

Those were the days, huddled around the wii playing those brain training games, trying desperately to control my competitive streak and maintaining a level of dexterity using the WiiMote. Math Love brings some of the “fun” of maths based learning and competition to your iOS device.

Somewhat peculiarly both the free and paid for version of Math Love start up in Russian but support sent us instructions to change the language. If you get the app before it’s hopefully been fixed just click the last option and then the first menu option until you find the language of your choice.

[one_half]Math Love English Menu



The fact that it only has one setting on the free version made me think that I was not going to like this game, the throbbing brain during gameplay can be distracting at first, but once I played the game a few times, there was something quite satisfying about getting as many simple maths questions right in 60 seconds. The more you get right the higher your score and the higher your level goes. The only drawback perhaps is that the free version does not remember your level, when the game is over you start again from the beginning.

[one_half]Math Love Screen 1


Math Love Screen 2[/one_half_last]

Simple you might say, to get as many simple maths questions right in 60 seconds as you can, I don’t know if it is deliberate on the part of the developers, but many questions have the same answers and some questions repeat themselves, it can have a surprising effect on your score.


The free version could do with another game mode and should come with an addiction warning, because once I got into the swing of the game I could not put it down, but maybe that is the geek in me.

In the paid for version of Math Love you get a few more features including statistics which covers Best Score, best level, best time, total games, total play time, total correct answers and total wrong answers. Sadly there’s no gamecentre integration which is a shame as getting your competitive streak on with your friends would definitely add some longevity to Math Love

The overall feel of the game is good and well-developed and I would consider buying the full version if it is half as addictive as the free version.

Math Love Free and Math Love (0.99$) are both available from the iTunes store for both iPad and iPhone

Guest review by @nataliewalker84

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