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Review : Netwatch. Check Your Phone Network & Battery From Your Apple Watch

File this app under potentially really handy. Netwatch lets you look at the connection status of your iPhone from your wrist. Read on to find out why this is handy (sorry, pardon the pun)

You might well be wondering whats the point of being able to check your phones signal strength and battery levels from your iPhone. A country bumpkin I might be but I certainly felt a touch safer wandering lost around London looking at my watch than getting my phone out.[one_half]Netwatch for iOS Info[/one_half][one_half_last]Netwatch for iOS Signal[/one_half_last]

For the less paranoid amongst you Netwatch takes the wondering out of the following situations (from the press pack);

* Have you ever faced a very slow application on Apple Watch? * Have you ever tried to send a “Sketch” or “TapTap” only to get a failed delivery notification sometime later? * Worst, have you tried to send your “Heartbeat” to the love of your life without being absolutely sure that it arrives?

Normally these sort of things happen when your phone doesn’t have a signal but the Apple watch doesn't know that.

Another way to look at it is that becoming distant from your iPhone is inevitable if you have an Apple Watch and Netflix adds another 2nd screen interface that’s handy, not essential just like the Apple watch itself, but handy.

[embed height="315" width="560"]http://youtu.be/wpKEkRB55pw[/embed]

NetWatch for Apple Watch : Check your Phone Network & Battery (0.99$) is available on the App Store and there's more information over at padawanlab.com

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