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UnoTelly - Let's you watch Hulu and more in the uk

UnoTelly - Let's you watch Hulu and more in the uk


EssentialMac has been exclusively invited to take part in a beta of the Unotelly for Mac . UnoTelly gives you a way to watch region free TV.  So in the UK you can watch hulu, USA viewers can watch programs on BBC iPlayer and so on and if you choose, watch a different countries netflix offerings no matter where on the planet you are.

If you've ever tried to catch up with your favorite American shows from here in the UK then you will be more than used to seeing the following error message on popular sites like Hulu.com

[one_half]unotelly watch hulu in the uk[/one_half][one_half_last]unotelly watch USA TV in the UK [/one_half_last]

From the UnoTelly.com website

Watch any blocked TV shows on Hulu, ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and others even if you don't live in USA.

Previously we used HotSpotSheild for tasks like this but that loophole has long been blocked now and so when we heard of this App we had to sign up for the beta.   Normally with a VPN solution it will sheild all your internet traffic but at a high cost of speed and can cause your connection to feel laggy (in our case anyways).  So I was amazed at the speed of streaming on Hulu with this application.

Normally I have a LOT of issues with applications like these.  So many are either fake, contain malware, spyware or generally are just designed to reek havoc on your system and, to be honest, if it wasn't for a decent website with very quick responses from the staff on the site, I wouldn't have even bothered to try this out!

So taking the plunge we signed up on the basic registration form that gives you up to 6o minutes of streaming time.  A few moments after downloading and running the app we were browsing CBS, Hulu and Fox with no issues what so ever.

When you run out of free time there are 3 packages to choose from.  Packages available for different amount of times and of course different pricing ranging from 30 days for $4.95 up to 180 days and £24.95

We do have one major reservation about this program, the installation method.

It is in the form of a compiled apple script.  Executing this "program" brings up the above dialogue box and that's it.  Fire yup your browser of choice and head along for some USA tv streaming goodness.

Granted we may be overly paranoid what's with all the malware reports armed virus infection on the Mac recently so it would be good to hear from the developers what this app actually does.

During our very limited testing so far, it actually works, to our surprise. Shows are streamed in good quality with no black all delay as what would normally happen with VPN based solutions.


Head over to the unoTelly website to see what the fuss is about for yourself.  After we fully test the app over the weekend , we will update this site.  Of course we've sent a copy of this review to the developers for their right to reply.

Update 14th February.

UnoTelly has since rebranded itself as UnoDns.  We've covered this change.  It's stil the same great service at an even better value now than before.

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