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7 Bluetooth Headphones for your Apple Watch

7 Bluetooth Headphones for your Apple Watch


Once you go wireless with your headphones it's incredibly hard to even contemplate going wired. Even if those headphones aren’t the best sounding, somewhat iffy battery life and bluetooth compression turns music into a mushy mess.

Updated.  The clear winner as of July 2015 is the Bluedio M2 Headphones.  At a simply amazing price along with sound quality and features, none of the competing headphones come even close.  Our Bluedio M2 Sports Headphone review is up explaining in more detail why these win hands down.

So with the Apple watch adorned to your wrist you’re perhaps looking at what wireless Bluetooth headphones to consider. After some research here’s a pick based on nothing other than reviews from other sites to get an average score of 7 or above.

Most Comfortable: Yurbuds Inspire Limited Edition Wireless

Yurbuds new Bluetooth headset also delivers the solid sound quality we've come to expect, thanks to large drivers—the small speakers are more than a half-inch in diameter.

Yurbuds Inspire Limited Edition Wireless

Before you set off on your training it does need a substantial up to 60 hour charge before the first use however the battery indicator helps monitor power levels.

[one_half]For The connecting cable is made of cloth and is oval-shaped to resist snags and tangles.[/one_half][one_half_last]Against Comes with only two sizes of silicone in-ear sleeves, neither of which entirely isolates external noise.[/one_half_last]

Best Fit: Jabra Sport Wireless+

Earlier models were lack lustre in terms of sound quality and signal quality, something that seems to be sorted now with even some claims of better bluetooth performance all over.

Jabra Sport Wireless plus

[one_half]Plus Ships with a slew of earpieces to make sure the best fit--whether you want to block ambient noise or allow it.[/one_half][one_half_last]Minus A tiny clip is included to snug the cable behind your neck, but it's easy to lose (we did).[/one_half_last]

Smallest: Jaybird Bluebuds X

Thin, light and with an ear line controller that minimised noise transference and doesn't bounce around on during training, BlueBuds X hold tight even when mud running.

Jaybird Bluebuds X

[one_half]Plus An eight-hour battery will get you through a week's worth of runs.[/one_half][one_half_last]Minus Passing the cable over your ear, recommended for the most secure fit when running, blocks the microphone, so you can't take calls.[/one_half_last]

Easy Operation: Red Fox Edge

Side mounted controls around the ears makes the Red Fox Edge finger friendly even during the most frenzied of workouts. A tap rather than a pinch makes for controls makes using these out and about recommended.

Red Fox Edge

[one_half]Plus The built-in microphone clearly picks up your voice during phone calls.[/one_half][one_half_last]Minus The band is flexible but allows the least adaptability of the models reviewed here.[/one_half_last]

Quickest Charge:

The Motorola S11-HD's large behind-the-ear receivers are bulkier than some models, but they deliver a strong audio signal and rich sound. Testers praised its quick charge time: Five minutes plugged into a wall outlet delivers an hour of audio.

Motorola S11-HD

[one_half]Plus A flexible inner band can be added to tighten the fit and eliminate bouncing.[/one_half][one_half_last]Minus The larger design can make it tricky to get the right fit, especially when wearing sunglasses.[/one_half_last]

New Bluedio M2 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Black

Bluedio are a brand that I certainly hadn't heard off before but have been recommended to me more than once via friends.

Bluedio M2

Bluetooth version: V4.1+EDR Operating distance: up to 10m Music time: about 7hrs Standby time: about 220hrs Fully charged time: about 2hrs

For only £18.99 over on Amazon they have yet to receive any reviews but a set has been ordered in time for a weekend of running.

[one_half]Plus Price point you can't argue with[/one_half][one_half_last]Minus No uk support.[/one_half_last]

Best For Training: Aftershokz Bluez 2

A different type of headphones leaving your ears exposed to the world.  The Aftershokz Bluez 2 uses bone conductivity to send the noise through your skull rather than into your ears. For cycling and running you'll feel safer hearing just whats around you.

Aftershokz Bluez 2

[one_half]Plus Great sound Being aware of your surroundings is a boon[/one_half][one_half_last]Minus Might be a touch pricey for some.[/one_half_last]


You might help but noticed that some of the specs are missing or incomplete. That's because try as I might I really haven't been able to find all of the specs to give a sound, feature comparison against each other. Make of that what you will..

AFTERSHOKZ Bluez 2 Jabra Sport Wireless+ Jaybird Bluebuds X Red Fox Edge Yurbuds Inspire
Talk Time: Up to 4.5 hours Up to 8 hours
Standby Time: Up to 10 days Up to 5 days
Music Play Time: Up to 6 hours


Weight 41 g 25 g 13.8 g
Bluetooth 2.1+EDR*


2.1+EDR* 2.1+EDR*
Frequency response 20 Hz (min)20 KHz (max) 20 Hz (min)20 KHz (max)
Impedance 16 ohms
Sensitivity 100±3dB 103 dB

*(Newer versions offer no benefits for headphones as BLE, Bluetooth Low Energy, is not adequate for streaming high bandwidth stereo music)

There is no overall clear cut answer at the moment to whats the best bluetooth headphones to go with your Apple watch right now but that being said essentialMac has contacted all of the perceived market leaders to see if we cant get our mits on some units to review.

Unlike other sites we'll actually test them how they should be, being active. Between training for a half marathon, several cycling events we'll also be looking at how noise cancelling performs, call quality and durability. In short all of the things you'd want to know about headphones but never seem to get mentioned in reviews.

Lets see who's got the confidence in their products to let us do some testing.

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