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Review - Bartending : Memoirs of an Apple Genius (what life at Apple is really like)

Review - Bartending : Memoirs of an Apple Genius (what life at Apple is really like)


Bartending : Memoirs of an Apple Genius promises to give an insiders look as to what life is like behind the glass panelled buildings of Apple from the perspective of Stephen, an ex genius bar apple staffer, who's written a book on working the front line. I'm taking a sneak peek at a few chapters now and it's an insightful look. There's not much more I can say yet as I'm under NDA till release date of the 10th April.  Good news everyone the NDA has been lifted so discussion is now allowed.  The book starts off immediately answering some of the most common questions people wonder what it's like working at Apple.

When Apple Store shows up on your resume people often asked the same questions.

Did you get free stuff?

Did you know about products before they were announced?

Did you ever get any more from Steve?

To which the book answers;  "The truth is that selling computers at the Apple Store isn't that much different from selling them anywhere else but it is better."

[pullquote_left].."surprise and delight experience"[/pullquote_left]Some might feel this is somewhat anticlimactic but this isn't a book aimed at telling you about the secret inner workings at the Apple stores.   If you are looking to find out internal procedures, policies and how they monitor everyone when you walk into an Apple store then keep looking however you would be missing out on something.

What this book is, as stated in the title, is a look at the daily life of a Apple Genius Bar Staffer, working with the public and the trials and tribulations of having to work with the public.

It's more a book of anecdotes of working on the other side of the glass panelled stores with a "lessons learnt" at the end of each chapter.  There are a few glimpses of how Cupidtino occasionally allows a "surprise and delight experience nestled in amongst some genuine emotional tales of how truly horrific data loss can be for some people on at emotional level.  I mean, imagine the loss if your pictures had been of loved ones who passed away in a car crash as an example.

"The Apple Store is the place where those experiences are made far better or far worse. Being on the front lines means gathering some great war stories. Stephen is here to share a few of his."


It's a light reading book done in a style telling the story from the front line with a lessons learnt and observation note at the end.  You don't have to know all things Apple to enjoy the book but a cursory interest in the product line does help enjoyment along.  For those that work in a similar from line environment, such as myself, you'll find yourself nodding at the shared experience from the front line.

A cracking little read which is my only real complaint.   Coming in at 47 pages it was easy to blast through the book in an afternoon which is no small feat seeing as I rarely read anything but internet pages.  That being said the size is reflected in the price.

Bartending: Memoirs of an Apple Genius is released on Tuesday, April 10, available for the Amazon Kindle £3.23 at the time of posting and as also available as an ePub.  Amazon.com shows the pricing at $5.25 at the time of publishing.


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