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#DragonforWork Live Blogging Nuance Press Event

#DragonforWork Live Blogging Nuance Press Event


Nuance, the makers of Dragon dictate are just about to announce 5 new windows coming to Mac, iOS and Windows platforms. I’m liveblogging at things go along. Alas the page doesnt refresh so please check back.

Looks like all of the demos are being done on a MacBook Pro running windows 10

1405: We start with Dan Nainan WHo goes on to tell us about him working at Intel, being a comedian and how Dragon has helped. No specific use cases sadly.

14:08 - Dragon Dictate is going to use the cloud. Entirely new suite of dragon solutions

Dragon is now available for Mac, PC, enterprises, mobile devices including iOS and Android.

14:10 : announcing Dragon Professional Individual & Dragon Professional Group.

Pro features updated transcription tools. Both dragon products will connect to the cloud, allowing all custom shortcuts to synch across things.

HURRAH, Transcription has been massively improved. Will show you whats been transcribed at the same time as playing the audio. A feature that's been missing form DD4.

Demo going on of tabbing through form fields by speaking “next field” Made a mistake, will now support phonetic hints when you add a custom entry.

16:17 Dragon Professional Group. Connects to a Nuance user management center. This one’s for enterprise people. Corporate customers wanted a way to track to see how often people are using Dragon Dictate, Manage Licenses and Change things to adapt to enterprise.

3 products down. 2 to go..

16:19 Dragon For Mac version 5!

  • 15% more accurate than version 4
  • More microphone profiles, You wont need an external microphone now.
  • Full text control for Microsoft word 2016
  • Connect Dragon For The Cloud.
  • Improved transcription (hurrah again)

1621 : Dragon Anywhere Professional grade dictation for Mobile.

Notes from the demo.

  • Using internal microphone, saves document on the go. Text appers after speaking not as you go.
  • Supports vocabulary editing and additions.
  • Documents are saved regularly and often.
  • Dropbox and sharing sheets supported.
  • Dictation can be shared as evernotes.

1627: Dragon Dictate 5 For Mac Time. Dragon Anywhere will be available for monthly or annual subscription this fall. Available from Mac or iOS Store

Very little shown in the way of the re designed interface for Mac, features or transcription :-(

1633 : @JasonWomackTheres a chap going on about life goals, empowerment and other buzzwords. Still more buzzwords going on but we need an award for the best socks VOD.

1637 : Dragon Anywhere Holding to the focus line? At My Best When? All this is fine but how does he USE the product? Focus on the product???

1640 : More about cognitive dissadance… Please.. show us app, features how it performs. Was hoping for a tech cast not a life coaching session (sorry)

1642 - Thats it.


Prices : Not announced but will be subscription based either monthly or yearly.

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