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Ideal ConcealThe world can feel a pretty scary place these days and so I guess it's understandable that those who have laws allowing them to own and carry firearms think they are their best protection again bad guys. I am not going to make a judgement on this as I live in a country where this is not legally allowed. However, I'm not sure I think creating a gun that looks like a phone is the greatest idea. The Ideal Conceal is a Double Barreled .380 Caliber pistol that is modelled to look just like an iPhone, however, with one click of the safety it opens and is ready to fire.



As the manufacturers website says...

No one wants to be in a dreadful situation that may require you to defend yourself with the use of deadly force. Yet as the old adage goes: “It’s better to have a gun and not need one, than to need a gun and not have one”.With the newly created Ideal Conceal you can carry your pistol with you on any occasion.

Priced at $395 and available mid 2016 the Ideal Conceal could soon be resting in an owners pocket right along side their real iPhone. Let's hope they never get the two mixed up.

Link to manufacturers website.

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