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Dragon Remote Mic lets your iPhone takes dictation for your PC

Dragon Remote Mic lets your iPhone takes dictation for your PC


Shortly after posting our review for the Nuance Dragon Dictation Speech Recognition for iPhone Application this app has just appear on the iTunes store. It turns your iPhone into a Wi-Fi connected microphone for dictation. The oddest thing about this application is that it's designed to work with the PC application and not the Macintosh application.

This comes as a shame as we have just started to review Nuance Dragon Dictation software for the Mac although we can't help but look at the irony of your iPhone dictating to your PC.

From The Nuance Website.

Dragon Remote Microphone Installation To run the Dragon Remote Microphone application, your PC and your iPhone must be on the same network that your iPhone connects to via WiFi.

To make it easy to prepare your device to find your computer, the Dragon Remote Microphone Application supports Bonjour, a network protocol for Windows that allows your device to automatically find your computer. To determine if Bonjour is already installed on your computer, or to download it, visithttp://www.apple.com/support/bonjour/. If Bonjour isn’t available or functioning, you can manually enter information about your computer into the Dragon Remote Microphone application.

NOTE: The Dragon Remote Microphone application will likely not work on certain WiFi networks, due to security restrictions. Some public networks such as in popular restaurant and coffee house chains restrict device to device networking for security, and the Dragon Remote Microphone will not work there. Also, in some office environments, the IT Security setting may also be such that it inhibits the communication between your Dragon Remote Microphone and your computer running Dragon. You should contact your IT department if this is the case.

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