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5 Cheap-ish Movies of the Week : Week Commencing 28th March 2016

For this weeks selection I am going to focus on the genre based on Apple’s Movie of the week. So pop that corn, engage ‘Do Not Disturb’ on the phone, dim the lights and see what's on offer this week.

Shrek - Rated U - £4.99 ShrekMike Myers voices the character of Shrek in this Dreamworks animation. Shrek is an Ogre who just wants to live in peace in his little part of the swamp. However his peace is wreaked when Lord Farquaad (John Lithgow) claims the land for his own. To get it back Shrek must rescue a Princess from a Dragon aided only by his annoyed sidekick, Donkey (Eddie Murphy).

Along the way the story takes many swipes at long loved fairytales and dishes out humour that both children and adults will understand.

Kung Fu Panda - Rated PG - £4.99 Kung Fu PandaJack Black is the voice of Po, an obese underachieving panda who sells noodles. Then one day he is suddenly picked to become the Dragon Warrior much to everyones surprise, including his. Now he must train with the Furious Five and Master Shifu to overcome the vengeful and treacherous snow leopard Tai Lung who is out for revenge.

A delightful animated comedy that the whole family can enjoy.

Kung Fu Panda 2 - Rated PG - £4.99 Kung Fu Panda 2Jack Black returns as Po, now the Dragon Master must join with his friends to stop a peacock villain from conquering China with a deadly new weapon, but first the Dragon Warrior must come to terms with his past.

Another fun outing with the big loveable panda with a heart of gold. Scoring well with a rottentomatoe rating of 81% - Audience rating 74%

Despicable Me - Rated U - £4.99 Despicable Me Gru (voiced by Steve Carell) is a Master criminal who is planning the biggest heist in history. Stealing the moon. However, his plans are complicated with the appearance of a rival criminal. Gru uses a trio of orphan girls as pawns for his grand scheme but soon discovers perhaps he isn’t as cold hearted as he always thought he was. 81% on the Tomatoemeter and on average the audience rating is a steady 81%

Despicable Me 2 - Rated U - £4.99 Despicable Me 2With Gru adjusting to his new family life and trying to go straight it appears there is once again another Master criminal at work. After an Arctic laboratory is stolen the Anti-Villain League decides it needs an insider's help and recruits Gru in the investigation. Can Gru track down the miscreant, keep his family safe and get the girl? Also, why do his minions keep disappearing?

That’s this weeks family friendly selection. Have any others you wish to add? Why not send us a comment below and share your weeks picks?

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