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Olloclip : macro, wide angle and fish eye lense all in one.

Olloclip : macro, wide angle and fish eye lense all in one.


The iPhone camera has always been a bone of contention with many people on the Internet.  It does a great but not spectacular job of catching pictures in the moment and whilst it's not the best camera in the world it hasn't stopped third-party developers coming up with a rather neat gadgets for those picture snappers out there. Introducing the Olloclip, a 3 in one lens attachment that clips onto your iPhone 4 / 4S and gives you some rather cool effects. Cool, but I would imagine not always practical. Simplicity is key with most gadgets and the Olloclip has that in spades with its clip on and off reversible design. On one side is a fisheye lens and on the other is a wide angle lens. Unscrewing the wide-angle lengths reveals the macro lens.

For those of us with shaking hands the lense wont help with that (like all cameras) and the depth of field isn't amazing yet it's certainly an improvement over the standard lens included with the iPhone.

Olloclip Fish Eye Example Picture

It's nice to see some thought going into visit the design of something that is designed to slip on and off the iPhone as gadgets like that can often end up scratching your precious device. The plastic of the mounting bracket ensures your precious iPhone doesn't get scratched, and a small recess stops to sleep/awake button from being accidentally pressed.

The downside is that it will cover your iPhone Flash and it won't work with cases or thick screen covers.

Olloclip wide angle example picture

Once attached the clip seems secure and certainly won't come off with a light touch however don't have any expectations if it's being chucked in and out of your pocket or bag. It's safer to clip it and place into the bundle bark which also doubles up as a lens cleaner.

Olloclip Macro Mode Example Picture

With the iPhone 4s keeping the same design as the original iPhone 4 I have no doubt you can get some stunning shots from this with the upgraded specs on the iPhone 4s.

Hopefully when we get our iPhone 4s we will be able to post some comparative shots but please feel free to send yours in to us and the best one may win a prize!

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