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Reviewed : IPEVO PV-01 360 Degrees Rotating Folio Case for the new iPad 3 and iPad 2

Reviewed : IPEVO PV-01 360 Degrees Rotating Folio Case for the new iPad 3 and iPad 2


On the day day "the new iPad" arrived at the office it came with a filofax style case.  This was fine for a while, keeping things snug and protected.  Granted it looked like it had ideas above it's station it was just a case that ended up"trying to be posh but you know it's cheap"  Limited on it's folding inclines and no chance of using in portrait mode IPEVO must of heard my frustrations and hence we have here today for review their 360 case.

Officially the full product title is iPevo PV-01 360 Degrees Rotating Folio Case for the new iPad 3 and iPad 2 which is a mouthfull and for the sake of my sanity let's refer to it as the iPevo PV-01.

The iPevo PV-01 made it's announcement into the office landing on the post box floor in a cardboard box.  Initially you could be forgiven for thinking that this was some sort of shipping container. thankfully it a little bit more than that. On the back of the box there's your user guide.

Normally products arrivng in a cardboard box style reek of OEM packaging or ill thought out shipping containers, well at least in the traditional PC world.

Here the case arrives in said box with instructions and yes it might be a shipping container box somehow it conveyed a feelign of well if the box is dented at least the contents are safe.

IPEVO PV-01 box



The case consists of two parts the main protective surroundings, and the leather case into which you slide your iPad and to prevent it falling out you sale at the top with a leather tarp with a Velcro closure. The neat thing about the leather case is that you can remove it from the outer covering section to make it a little bit more portable and less bulky.  That velcro flap tucks under the iPad and into the case so it's not unsightly at all.

IPEVO PV-01 velcro flap

Speaking of bulk this does add about half an inch on to the overall size of an iPad and with the weights being just over a fraction of 475 g it certainly isn't the smallest of iPads. Stylus owners will also be glad to know there is a loop inside the folio if you use one.

The official product name is iPevo PV-01  360 Degrees Rotating Folio Case for the new iPad 3 and iPad 2 which is a mouthfull and for the sake of my sanity let's refer to it as the iPevo PV-01


So what sets this iPevo PV-01 case apart from others? It's a folio, leather case which not only protects your iPod from the daily bumps and grinds everyday use but also allows you to rotator in both landscape and portrait modes.

iPevo PV-01 Landscape


ipevo portrait

Lets; crack through the website blurb

  • Microfiber/Canvas cover with genuine leather holder for the new iPad 3 and iPad 2
  • Unique circular pivot for both landscape and portrait orientations
  • Built-in stand with three viewing angles possible
  • Standalone case pulls apart from folio for even more portability
  • Smart sleep/wake function; convenient stylus strap
  • Available in Red, Black, Gray, and Black Denim


You spin me right round.

The ability to seamlessly go between landscape and portrait mode for me is one of the most used features of this case. It's far from a feature style gimmick because I don't end up doing some precarious balancing act just use my iPad in portrait mode.


Moving between landscape mode and portrait mode is seamless and requires little effort on the part of the user. There is no click or anything to indicate you are at the perfect portrait angle but that's the job of the grooves on the bottom part of the case.

Small attention to details

Some cases are quite tight around the camera area.  Whilst this is good for astethics it's not always the best for the camera.  If your case is close to the camera and it's flash you end up getting a blooming effect or light bouncing off the side of the case hole that bounces back onto the lense.


There's no getting around fact that this is a fairly hefty case when you compare to the svelte offerings from other companies but bearing in mind that this does has the 360 functionality. This also explains why the hole for the camera is so big as the case does add a couple of sizeable layers.

Degrees Of Separation.


Auto Wake Up And Sleep Smart cover.

You might notice that the bottom of the case where the ridges are to keep your iPad in one of five bearing angles bears more than a passing resemblance to Apple's very own smart pad. Just in case you were wondering, yes, when you close the case it also puts your iPad into standby mode.

Unlike the Apple smart cover it doesn't make contact with the screen so you won't be to use it to clean off any dust bunnies.

IPEVO PV-01 Conclusion.

There's no beating around the bush that this case does add some considerable weight and bulk to the iPad which no doubt rules out this case for some. It does a great job of protecting your iPad the Velcro flap keeps things in place with no chance of your iPod falling out of the case and  how versatile this case is overall/

Being able to rotate your iPad 360° is a really neat feature. If like me you end up switching between applications to write blog posts, record video or perhaps you want to take your iPad onto the couch for watching some video and know that it's always stable, safe and secure than this case should seriously be considered for your next purchase.

All in all it's a nicely designed case with some great features.

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