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EP58 - Sideshow Bob Sums Up Batman vs Superman Nicely.

EP58 - Sideshow Bob Sums Up Batman vs Superman Nicely.


Plainly put Batman Vs Superman sucked. In all ways and levels it's just a bad film but at least Affleck isn't to blame more Warner studios where it's obvious the film was interfered with. Did we expect anything else after Warner's botched attempt at a console game. It comes to something when you're watching DareDevil on Netflix and the fight scenes there kick BvS ass.

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Johns back once again with 2 reviews and this time I've put the links into the show notes. Sadly the backpack isn't available in the UK but emails have been sent and if there is a UK retailer i'll post a tweet.

Macally USB-C to VGA Multiport Adapter with Macbook Charging and USB-A 3.0 Port

The Macally UCVGA is a convenient 3 in 1 multiport adapter that allows you to connect your TV, monitor or projector with VGA as well as your existing USB devices to your MacBook, while keeping it fully charged, through the USB-C port! Macally - Amazon

1Voice The Mapmaker Back Pack FYL Collection - 11,000mAh Built-in

The Mapmaker FYL can be opened from the side as well as the top. The top opening gives you access to the main compartment, while the side zipper gives you access to a padded laptop compartment and the main compartment. The side zipper access eliminates the need to dig through you bag to find something at the bottom and allows you to quickly access your laptop whether you’re at work or zipping through an airport security line. The back pack also has a built-in 11,000mAh lithium-ion charger to keep you fueled while on the go Overcast link

Amazon - $96.89 1voicenyc.com - $159 : 25% discount available

App Of the Week

Drops - The Rain Alarm Drops: the best way to stay dry outside! What Drops offers you: - An accurate precipitation forecast for the next two hours - Notifications for approaching rain showers - An interactive rainfall radar map

5 Cheap-ish Movies of the Week : 28th March 2016

Thanks to Karl (Claw0101) for putting together this week's list. Shrek – Rated U – £4.99 Kung Fu Panda – Rated PG – £4.99 Kung Fu Panda 2 – Rated PG – £4.99 Despicable Me – Rated U – £4.99 Despicable Me 2 – Rated U – £4.99

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KGI Analyst Expects 25% Drop in Apple Watch Sales in 2016

KGI Analyst Expects 25% Drop in Apple Watch Sales in 2016

Apple Ordered to Stop Using Term “Split View” in India