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AOTD: JpegMini, Put Your Photo On A Compression Diet And See The Difference.

AOTD: JpegMini, Put Your Photo On A Compression Diet And See The Difference.


Theres several ways you can speed up your website, use a CDN, get a better host but none of that is going to help unless your images are properly optimised.  JpegMini helps do just that, providing the optimum balance between compression, quality and clarity. If you used photoshop or Pixelmator and hit the file, export as jpeg function you could think that the jpeg defaults are set to optimal levels.  Turns out this isn't the case as theres more than one way to compress a jpeg for the best results

This is something I only found out thanks to the Mac And Forth podcast so I take no credit for this finding but JpegMini turns out to be a bit of a gem.

Jpeg mini is a small, easy to use program that shrinks down your jpeg image but proclaims to loose as little amount of the image detail as possible, all down to their own algorithms that look at all of the pixels in an image than taking just an average mix.

JpegMini Lite

What this means in simple terms that JpegMini sees different shades of red as just that, different shades whereas programs like Photoshop tend to group reds in a more generalist sort of way and then clump them together.

Thanks to this more probing way at looking at the whole picture JpegMini claims to have less artefacts, color blow out and that annoying blockiness from things being over compressed.  / blooming when you compress images with their app.

I've now realised I've been making a mistake for the longest time at pulling an image into Pixelmatr, applying a resize, then exporting the file with the default settings looking at the small preview window trying to guess the right balance of size vs quality.  It takes a while to trust JpegMini to do the right thing as there's no preview window, no quality settings just simply drag and drop the image.

So to test this I've pulled a selection of photos with varying colors and details for resizing and compression.

JpegMini has a default resize to 960 * 720 pixels, not enabled as default, with no other settings other than to where you want to save the new files.

So to test again Pixelmator, images were opened, resized and then exported as Jpeg twice.  Once with default compression settings and then with the level of compression adjusted to match the file size of JpegMini for a true comparison

Biscuit - JpegMini - 276 kb


Biscuit - PixelMator Optimised - 242kb


Biscuit - PixelMator Default - 512kb


Skyline - JpegMini - 66kb


PixelMator - Skyline Optimised Export - 68kb


PixelMator - Skyline Default Export - 148kb


Wales vs NZ - JpegMini - 176kb


PixelMator - Wales V NZ Optimised Export - 180kb


PixelMator - Wales V NZ Default Export - 276 kb


WoodBuds - JpegMini -156kb


WoodBuds - PixelMator Optimised Export - 160kb


WoodBuds - PixelMator Default Export - 359kb

[/one_half_last] Another close up image where in the original 3.6mb file is surprisingly crisp given it's taken on a iPhone

Desktop Tizi. - JpegMini - 93kb


PixelMator - Tizi Optimised Export - 96kb


PixelMator - Tizi Default Export - 179kb


Here's how things break down.


Original size

Jpeg Mini

Pixelmator 85% Compressed

PM Matching Compression

PM Final

Biscuit 1

4.1 mb

276 kb

512 kb


281 kb


2.6 mb

159 kb

359 kb


160 kb


918 kb

66 kb

148 kb


68 kb

Wales V NZ

2.4 mb

176 kb

269 kb


175 kb

Desktop Tizi

3.6 mb

93 kb

179 kb


95 kb


Not only does the file compression sizes speak for themselves but the quality of image is nothing to be sneeze at either.  The amount of compression and clarity, clarity being a keyword here, is spot on.

All of the image and bandwidth savings come at a grand old price of free providing you don’t want to do more than 25 images in a day. A normal edition is available via in app purchase for £14.99 with no limit on the amount of images you can compress but is limited to images of 28 mega pixel or less.  For those needing a multi user licence, plugin support and much, much more a pro version is also available with some seriously advanced features to boot with a price to match of £110.

If you want to take agenda at what Jpegmini can do with no uploads or perhaps take a snapshot of your website to see how much in terms of bandwidth / cdn costs you can save, JpegMini’s website will show you graphically what you can save. http://www.jpegmini.com/server


Jpegmini represents fantastic value at being free if you want to do no more than 20 images a day.

If you've got a majorly busy website with CDN costs attached then JPEGmini is going to recoup its outlay in no time at all.

It;s hard to believe that with no tweaking or settings to play with images can get that compressed and still be as clear as they are.

JpegMini competently delivers in it's promise to compress images without a major loss in clairty.  Recommended.

JpegLite Is Free From The App Store JPEGmini Lite - ICVT Ltd. JPEG mini with more features, 50mp picture limit and unlimited conversions £14.99 JPEGmini Pro, Lightroom support, all cpu core processor support and MUCH, much more £109.99

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