Essential Apple Podcast 39: The Mac Pro! It Lives!

An extra long show as a surprise guest drops by. We talk about Mark’s unfortunate week. Apple and their remarkable and unprecedented revealing of future product plans. Apple/Microsoft/Android “market share/user base”, the Samsung Dex Dock and, well, anything else that catches our attention deficit disordered minds!

Essential Apple Podcast 33: And We Had Some Post

Another week and the podcasting juggernaut rolls onward. This week we talk about live streaming from your Mac to places like Twitch or YouTube. Samsung and their quality assurance advert, the House of Lords saying households deserve a minimum 30Mbps broadband, oh and we had some post…

Essential Apple Show 28: Something Different.

This week we take a different tack as I invite Serenak to join me as we wander “off piste” and meander into the history of why Macs are so prevalent in the design and print industries, what went wrong with his new iPhone and an eclectic selection of “alternative” apps...

Studio Envy

Yesterday in New York Microsoft showed the world what they have been working on recently and, in all honesty, I was not expecting much. However, as the presentation entered its final stages they revealed the Surface Studio all-in-one PC and instantly grabbed my attention.