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The Essential Apple PodCast 001 – ‘Some folks get to call him TC’

The Essential Apple PodCast 001 – ‘Some folks get to call him TC’

On the show this week, hot on the heels from his MyMac 602 appearance is Mr Karl Madden and all the way from his special Apple secret bunker is our resident Canadian Matt. We discuss the future of intel, the future of apple music, the rise of the machines, the need for automated beer deliveries for Karl and how Tim should of responded to wall street.

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Talking points this week.

  • Tim Cook: New iPhones to feature “great innovation, give you things you can’t live without”
  • How Tim should of reached out to investors. 
  • Apple continues to increase R&D expenditure. 
  • Intel cancels atom project, meaning no more smartphones or tablets.
  • Spolier Alert. John Connor is the terminator. 
  • India seeks ban 2nd hand iPhones. 
  • Phone users in the UK targeted with (another) iCloud phishing scam
  • Apple to Revamp Streaming Music Service After Mixed Reviews, Departures

Nemos Hardware Store

John Nemo from the MyMac.com website joins us once again with some gadgets to make travelling on a plane more bearable monger other things. Overcast 47:23

http://www.theairhook.com $24.95
http://www.itslaut.com/nduro.html $79.95
http://www.itslaut.com/power-charger-4400.html $34.99

Worth A Chirp

Karl: Jabra Move Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones – Black: Amazon.co.uk
+ iTunes. Build Your Collection – Some great movies at good prices currently. No idea how long for.
MattAtomic RAM Tester – $59.99
Mark: 24 for £4.99 per season
Serenak: In the Slack room with HotSpot Shield VPN for iPhone and Tunnel Bear

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Bot Maker Says Apple is Doomed Without Bots

Bot Maker Says Apple is Doomed Without Bots

Review: STM Dux iPad Pro Case

Review: STM Dux iPad Pro Case